Morten Harket dévoile “Did i Leave You Behind”premier extrait live + lyrics


©After Event Productions

Morten Harket est actuellement en pleine tournée “Aida Night of the proms” : il vient de dévoiler une toute permière vidéo de son nouveau titre “Did i Leave You behind” filmée live le 6 Décembre 2013 à Frankfurt en Allemagne par After Event Productions,  extrait qu’Electrypop a écouté en direct durant le concert “Night Of The Proms” au Luxembourg le 10 Décembre 2013, (chronique en ligne):


©After Event Production

Did I leave you behind’

I can see you in a new tomorrow
I can see you in a brighter light
Where you are going now I cannot
What I offer is the other side
Take your time now,
Just keep me in your memory

I know that waiting often takes a while

Did I leave you behind
If you are on my mind
If I’m losing at night
Every night
Will you leave me behind
Am I still on your mind
I’m falling from both ends
Of the line

Still I see you in a new beginning
Coming to me in a different light
I wouldn’t fight if there could be
no winning
But Darling, sometimes many things
are right
So Take your time now, carefully
Keep me in your memory

Sometimes waiting wants to take a while

                                                            ©Universal Music Group

Découvrez le titre live “Did I Leave You Behind

Morten Harket sera à Paris pour un concert Unique le 14 may 2014 à L’Olympia

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