Electrypop Interview – The Psychedelic Furs

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Electrypop Interview – The Psychedelic Furs! 

Interview du groupe de Rock Britannique The Psychedelic Furs à l’occasion de la sortie de leur nouvel album : “Made of Rain” le 31 Juillet 2020.Richard Butler s’exprime au nom du groupe : ‘The Psychedelic Furs


1) You are currently preparing the release of your eighth studio album, how are you feeling? What’s your state of mind?
It’s exciting. We’re very proud of this record and we can’t wait to get back out on tour to 
play it for everyone!
2) To release an album after 29 years of inactivity (in studio) make sense to you? for what reasons / explain why?
Well its hasn’t truly been 29 years of in-studio inactivity…in that time I did a solo record and two albums 
with a band called Love Spit Love, plus various soundtracks and other projects. But in the case of this album, we’d been playing for quite some time live, and this lineup has been particularly solid and we felt like now would be a good time to introduce some new music.
3) What’s your favorite song From ‘Made of Rain’?
 I’m not sure if I could pick a favourite. I can tell you that “You’ll Be Mine” evolved nicely from original form and became a song I’m quite fond of.
4) What are some musicians / artists who inspired you to make music?
Bob Dylan was a big influence. My father would often play his records at home while I was growing up. 
Velvet Underground and Roxy Music also were early influences.
5) What does the name of your group ‘The Psychedelic Furs’ mean?
Well it’s not really anything having to do 
with psychedelia, it was just a name that we chose to set us apart from many of the bands that we were 
listening to in the late 70’s in England. Many of those had violent sounds names, Sex Pistols, The Stranglers, The Clash. So we just wanted to separate from that a bit.
6) What memories do you have of your first concert together?
I do remember in the early days, there was a cacophony of sound. Beautiful Chaos was the term used. It was all about six of us all playing and all 
vying to be heard. Steve Lillywhite, the producer on the debut album wanted to capture that live experience in the studio and I think he achieved that.
7) Can you tell us about your new album?
(Songwriting process)
The songwriting process for lyrics is much as it’s always been where I’ll have a particular piece of music that I can connect with and write words to. 
The difference these days is that instead of spending time in the studio doing it. I’d get ideas sent from Tim or Rich Good or Paul Garisto remotely and work on it that way.
We’d gotten together with co-producer Richard Fortus to run through the songs and arrangements prior to going into the studio. At the beginning of 2019. 
We recorded at ‘Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis’ for two sessions, one was about 8 days and the other two weeks. 
After that we added keyboards and some vocals and Mars added sax. 
Then Tim Palmer mixed it all.
8) What can your fans expect from the upcoming tour?
Well it’s on delay at the moment along with the rest of the world. 
When we do get out we are looking forward to playing these new songs. 
We are planning on coming to Europe next spring and are playing Royal Albert Hall in London for the first time!.
Last year we did a tour in North America with James, and we did get to play “The Boy That Invented ‘Rock & Roll’ live, and that was a thrill. 
Plus, we’ll play lots of others from our career. So let’s hope things get back to
normal soon.
9) What’s the most successful album of your career?
We shall see! I think this stands up there with the best of them.
           Thanks To Richard Butler!
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