Electrypop Interview : Lisa Conta

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Lisa Conta is a Swedish – Gambian artist residing in London and evolving in the world of fashion & R&B

1) Lisa, Can you tell us a bit about your debut single : ‘Difficult’?

My single ‘Difficult’ is about the small issues that can appear in a relationship (it can be between partners/ friends/family etc) and suddenly this small small issue turns into to this HUGE problem. My favorite line form the song is “why we gotta make it difficult, when it could be so easy” it’s such a simple line that I think many of us can relate to today! The recording process of this song was very unique for me, I was Face Timing the producer in Atlanta while I was sitting in my dad studio in Stockholm. Difficult was definitely a little difficult to create since I’m a perfectionist but I’m extremely happy with how it came out!

2) Could you use five words to describe yourself?

I would say
1: Creative 2: Energetic 3: Kind 4: Loyal 5: Clumsy 

3) Do you plan to release an album in the next months?

The next couple of months I will release a bunch of different singles and later this year I will put out my EP which will be featured by a lot of sick people. My EP will definitely show people all my different sides!’

4) Can you tell us more about this album?

My EP will have a HUGE variation of songs. I have a very wide taste of music. I listen to everything from Aaliyah to Avicii and I think everyone will be shocked once it comes out later this year. 

5) What are your aspirations for the future years?

I just want to continue what I’m doing right now and keep on growing. I hope I can help people get through life with my music. Growing up I always turned to music, lyrics and melodies when things got tough and I hope that I can be that type of artist to someone. Whatever you’re going through you will get through it. Life is a beautiful thing and I hope I can get people who are having a rough time to see it

6) What Do you think about social networks? About their positive and negative impact on today’s society?

There’s no doubt social networks can be extremely toxic and dangerous but it can also be inspiring. Social media can bring people together but it can also close people out. For example it’s terrifying to see how online bullying takes place in today’s society but at the same time I’ve gained friends I would have never met if it wasn’t for our social networks. There’s pros and cons to everything in life but ,for me, social media has helped a lot. I follow a lot of inspiring and creative people and I also get to share my art with the whole world through these platforms. 

7) which one do you prefer?

Right now I must say TikTok just because I find it so fascinating that people can come up with so many different challenges to different sounds. I love seeing people create videos in their own apartments going viral!! I find myself scrolling through that app for hours.

Thanks Lisa !

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