a-ha The Movie (Fan Review)

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A-ha The Movie (Fan Review)

This is the story about three very different guys with only their love and passion for music and their Norwegian ancestry in common. “Take on Me” made them in the mid-80s, “Scoundrel Days” and “Manhattan Skyline” broke them in the USA, “Minor Earth, Major Sky” reunited them in 2000, and their dispute over the lyrics of “Foot of the Mountain” in 2009 drove them apart again. It’s an intense and deeply revealing movie about three very different personalities who as a-ha became the best-selling Norwegian band in history and one of the greatest live bands of all times in the world. The very same thing that united them also drove them apart: Their personal ambitions and intense passion for music, and their often very different approaches to it, and to fame in general. This heart-touching movie is an absolute must for all a-ha music lovers all over the whole world, and really for all other 80s music lovers in general. The story of the charismatic lead singer of the band, Morten Harket, the voice of a-ha, a rather reserved, thoughtful and reflected person with a quite unique voice. Magne Furuholmen, the keyboardist who really wanted to be a guitar player, and in the end became famous as an artist (visual artist) too. Paal Waaktaar-Savoy, an intense, passionate and driven musician, who just like Magne Furuholmen became a great songwriter for the band.

Written by Jan Erik JØRSTAD (NORWAY) for Electrypop

Location: Lillehammer, Norway

Date : Sunday, October 3rd,2021

Cinema/theatre: Kino

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