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Interview with independent (unsigned) Progressive Rock band ‘Pentesilea Road’, their debut album: ‘Pentesilea Road’ was released on 26, February 2021.

Hello Vito,

1)  People don’t know you yet, what are the titles you recommend them to listen to?

Hi all, this is Vito. Good question actually. I believe the album is a kind of Journey, hence I would recommend to listen to it starting from the first song…

2) How important is the quality of your music and lyrics to you?

Well, I guess the answer is “a lot”; there wouldn’t be any point in making this whole thing if quality wouldn’t be on the first line. We believe that lyrics in this project are absolutely central; understanding the lyrics, would give the listener a very different perspective on the album…

3) How do you compose your tracks ? 

I am used to write music before lyrics. I need to feel the complete (or nearly complete) thing, before starting to draw down the lyrics. This important to give a sort of time continuity on the album. However, this does mean I don’t know the topic in advance…I tend to write music thinking to a specific topic or mood…while lyrics will be finalized afterwards.

4) Which artists or bands do you take as references?

I think Fates Warning’s influences are the easy pick; in reality you can find potentially anything I have been listening to: from Iron Maiden, to Queensryche; from Dream Theater, to Opeth….

5) You haven’t performed on stage yet, which artists/bands would you like to support?

Ah, please allow me to be naïve and say Iron Maiden 😊 I know, there’s a little musical match perhaps, but still…

6) What is your opinion on the Progressive Rock scene today? What do you like or dislike in particular?

I think it’s going on pretty well. I am listening to some relatively new bands (or new to me), who can do an awesome job! There is nothing I particularly dislike, apart from the fact that many sounds exactly the same….

7) Isn’t it complicated to sing in English while being Italian?Doesn’t it distort the quality of the songs?

Well, you got a point as I have had this question before.  Sometimes it is very hard to reduce or eliminate the native language influence, but frankly I do not see as a real issue, unless is far way to evident. I think it’s just adding a different flavour…it does bother me excessively.However I prefer to say we aim to take our sweet revenge against all the Italian sounding stuff that is going around! A revenge against the Parmesan and pasta with meatballs!

8) What is your favourite album of all time?

I have no doubts: Iron Maiden , Somewhere in Time.

9) What was the first concert you attended?

I guess Iron Maiden, X Factor tour…if I remember correctly…

Thanks to you for giving us the possibility to have a chat! 

Thanks Vito!

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